College Council

In order to reinvigorate the teaching-learning environment and to establish the research and queries culture regarding different college issues, a College Council was established as per Punjab Education Code:
Article No 9, Section 2. The College Council examines and supervises:
1. Admission Committee's process of admission as per admission policy.
2. To assess the student’s performance as per their results and attendance.
3. To monitor the time-line of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
4. Devising the rules to establish discipline in the college.
5. Evaluation of Annual Budget of College and ensuring approval of the required budget from the relevant department.
6. To assist Principal in every respect for the welfare and efficient functioning of college machinery.


The College Council has complete authority to utilize the college funds for the welfare and well- being of the students in order to promote efficiency of the students.

College Council is comprised of the following members:

Principal Dr. Farzana Kishwar
Vice Principal Mrs. Munaza Shah
Associate Professor(Most Senior) Mrs. Tazeem Shahnawaz
Assistant Professor(Most Senior) Ms. Asifa lqbal
Lecturer(Most Senior) Mrs. Rabia Ashfaq

Member Provincial Assembly (Nominated)
Commissioner's Representative
Assistant Commissioner's Representative
Directorate's Representative
Parent of a Student (Degree Level)
Parent of a Student (Intermediate Level)
Social Worker / Philanthropist


The College Student Council has been established to ensure discipline in the college, better co­- curricular activities and develop an instant contact between the college management and the students.
In-charge Mrs Tayyaba Rubbani
Co-ordinators Mrs. Anaiza Gul, Mrs. Sumbal Javed, Ms. Asifa Iqbal, Dr. Huma Mushtaq.
College Proctors, Youth Group Students, Girls Guide, Editor College Magazine (Urdu and English) and Presidents of different societies of college are included in this council.



Sports and physical activities are integral part of education. There is an arrangement of different sports at college campus to keep the students active and efficient. All kinds of facilities are provided in college to play sports like badminton, netball, cricket, table tennis, volleyball and hockey. Mrs. Komal Butt is in-charge of sports society.


The students are highly encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities along with curricular activities for personality development. There are different societies in college for this purpose which organize inter-class and inter­collegiate competitions. The students can participate in the co-curricular activities organized by the under mentioned societies according to their interests and aptitude.


The details of different societies working under the Urdu Literary Society are as follows:

Urdu Speech Society

In-charge (to be announced)
Co-lncharge Dr. Kiran Altaf (Assistant Professor),
Co­ordinator Mrs. Anaiza Gul (Assistant Professor).
The member students of this society participate in the inter-class and inter-collegiate competitions.

Urdu Essay Writing Society

In-charge Mrs. Afifa Hasnain(Assistant Professor)
Co-lncharge Mrs. Rehana Kausar (Assistant Professor).
Inter-class competitions are organized by this society every year for the propagation of Urdu Essay Writing. The students of this society participate in the inter-class and inter-collegiate competitions.

Urdu Debating Society

In-charge Mrs. Misbah Sohail (Assistant Professor),
Co-lncharge Mrs. Riffat Manzoor (Assistant Professor),
Co Ordinator Ms. Tayyaba Shahzadi (Assistant Professor).

The member students of this society participate in different inter-class and inter-collegiate competitions all year round.

Urdu Mushaira Society

In-charge Mrs. Tabinda Batool (Associate Professor),
Co-lncharge Mrs. Rukhshanda Batool (Assistant Professor).

The Urdu Mushaira Society has been established for the propagation of Urdu poetics. The member students of this society participate in the inter-class and inter-collegiate competitions all year round.


The English Literary Society organizes annual drama festivals and competitions, speech and essay writing competitions.
In- ­charge Mrs. Qurat-ul-Ain Waqar (Associate Professor)
Co- incharge Mrs. Yasmeen Sultana. (Assistant Professor)
The members of this society are Mrs. Mumtaz Zaheer Qureshi, Mrs. Sara Zahid, Mrs. Nausheen Tahir, Mrs. Ayesha Umar, Ms. Attiqa Bano, Mrs. Sumbal Javed, Ms. Nida Khan and Mrs. Rooma Naureen.
The inter-class competitions are organized in the college at Intermediate and Degree level. The students also participate in the external competitions.


The Islamic Knowledge Society organizes Naat competitions.
In-charge Mrs. Shagufta Ali (Assistant Professor ).
The member students of this society participate in the inter – class and inter – collegiate competitions.

Islamic Debating Society

In-charge Mrs Faiza Malhooz (Assistant Professor).
The member students of this society participate in the inter-class and inter – collegiate competitions.

Islamic Quiz Society

In-charge Mrs Shagufta Khurshid (Professor)
Co-ordinators Mrs Ayesha Riaz, Ms Muniba Rizvi and Ms Saba Aurangzeb.
The member students of this society participate in the inter- class and inter – collegiate competitions.


The society organizes annual' Milad'.
In-charge Mrs Shagufta Khurshid (Professor)
Co-ordinators are Mrs Shagufta Ali, Mrs Faiza Malhooz, Mrs Ayesha Riaz,
Ms Muniba Rizvi and Ms Saba Aurangzeb.


In-charge Arabic Literary Society Dr Fareeda Jabeen (AssistantProfessor)
Co- ordinator Ms Ameela Mahzaib (Lecturer)
This society organizes inter – class and inter – collegiate recitation competitions. Arabic and Quran classes are also arranged by this society. Moreover, reformative dramas and skits are also organized in Arabic Language.


In-charge Mrs Uzma Hussain (Assistant Professor),
Co-lncharge Mrs Attiya Manzoor (Assistant Professor).
Co-ordinators Dr. Huma Mushtaq, Ms Asifa Aslam and Ms Aneela Razzaq. This society arranges Iqbal Day celebrations in which Intermediate and Degree classes speech competitions are organized. The verses from Allama Iqbal's poetry are also recited in the program.


In-charge Mrs Tayyaba Rabbani (Associate Professor),
Co-lncharge Ms Asifa Iqbal (Assistant Professor).
The member students of this society participate in speech, quiz and patriotic song competitions.


In-Charge Ms Asmat Batool (Assistant Professor)
Co- lncharge Ms Kiran Shehzadi (Lecturer) The member students of this society participate in the poster painting competitions. They also participate in external painting competitions and beautification projects within college premises.


In-charge Dr Amna Nadeem

Under this society different programs are arranged which are listed below:
Science Quiz ln- charge Mrs. Qurat-ul-Ain (Assistant Professor)
Model Exhibition ln-charge Mrs. Nasira Parveen (Associate Professor)
Science Model Competition ln-charge Mrs Shumaila lqtidar
Science Articles Competition ln- charge (to be announced), Co-lncharge Mrs. Nadira Butt
All the member students of this society are trained on scientific notes and they are trained for inter­ collegiate competitions.


In-charge Ms. Maria Samuel
co-ordinators Ms. Asmat Batool and Ms. Kiran Shehzadi.
This society magnifies the over all impact of the programmes organized in the college. It also prepares the students to participate in different competitions organized in other colleges.


In-charge Ms Fehmida Kausar (Associate professor)
Co-incharge Ms. Shabana Yasin (Assistant professor)
Co­ordinators Ms Tayyaba Rubbani, Mrs Shazia Latif and Mrs Sadia Jabeen.

Different programmes such as debates, speeches, national songs and quiz competitions are organized by this society.


In-charge Ms. Saeeda Khanam
Co-incharge Ms. Darakhshan Shakoor.
This society arranges cooking competitions, dress shows and project exhibitions.
Member students of this society take part in cooking and interior decoration competitions at other colleges


In order to enhance the literary taste of the college students, a literary magazine “Towards Tomorrow" is published every year. It comprises of two sections i.e. English and Urdu. Students are encouraged to submit their educational and literary scripts for the college magazine by utilizing all their reflective and creative faculties. The Urdu scripts can be submitted to Mrs. Batool Nauman and Mrs. Riffat Manzoor and English scripts to Mrs. Mumtaz Zaheer Qureshi and Mrs. Sara Zahid for publishing in college magazine.


In order to update with different co-curricular activities and students' performances in different competitions in and outside college, a newsletter entitled “Roshni ka Safar" is published quarterly. In- charge of this news letter is Ms. Shabana Yasin, Assistant professor of History, and Co- incharge is Mrs. Anaiza Gul, Assistant professor of Urdu.


As the college progresses with leaps and bounds, the needy students are never forgotten. The “Red Crescent Youth Wing “is working under the supervision of Ms Asifa Iqbal, and coordinators Mrs. Anaiza Gul and Mrs. Ayesha Riaz of this society. Owing to the untiring efforts of Chairman Red Crescent Society Pakistan, General Muhammad Iqbal Khan and Director Red Crescent Youth Manzoor Chaudhry, first youth group was established on 21st February 2001. This youth group comprises of 100 students. The motive behind this formation is to provide first aid training to the participants.