Government Graduate College for Women Baghbanpura Lahore

Admission is conducted in the following Disciplines:
FSc (Pre Medical)
FSc ( Pre Engineering)
General Science
FA (Humanities)
Associate Degree Program (BA, BSc)
BS4YD in the Subjects of Statistics, Psychology, Urdu, Islamiat, History, Persian, Chemistry, Physics, English.
According to the admission policy of Government of the Punjab, 98% admission to 1st Year (Intermediate) will be on open merit, 2% for disabled candidates and 2% for minority candidates. For the admission in Arts, an additional quota of 2% will be on sports basis.

According to the admission policy devised by the Director of Public Instructions (DPI) office:
1. The college admission should be applied through the admission form. The relevant department should be marked with a ( Y).
The students can apply online for admission. The following three steps should be followed:
i. Open the website
ii. Open the page:Online College Admission System.
iii. Select your relevant Board and enter your matriculation roll number. Select relevant college and the program. Get a print of the Fee Slip and submit the slip for Rs.25/-in any branch of Bank of Punjab.
3. The applicants should attach following documents with the admission form:
i. Three duly attested photocopies of Matriculation /Intermediate (F.A./F.Sc.) result cards (the computerized print outs are NOT accepted)
ii. Three duly attested photocopies of Father/Guardian National Identity Card
iii. Three duly attested photocopies of applicant's National Identity Card / Bay-form
iv. Three 1.5x 1.5 inches white background pictures with applicant's name and father's name written at the back of the photographs.
v. Three duly attested photocopies of character certificate obtained from the previous institution.
vi. The private candidates should produce three photocopies of character certificate duly attested by the relevant Nazim /Councillor /First Class Officer.
vii. The original migration certificate if the applicant appeared from some other board for previous examination. (The applicant should keep a photocopy of the migration certificate and submit the original with the form).
viii. Any one securing admission on disabled quota should provide the authentic certificate of disability evidence.
ix. The applicants applying on sports quota should provide the certificate of sports obtained from previous institution. Only the first year Arts students are eligible for the sports quota admission.
4. The admissions in first year of Intermediate Associate Degree Program and BS4YD will be according to the schedule issued by Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Lahore and Punjab University through an advertisement printed in newspapers by the college. The students successful in securing admission should pay their dues within the given time period and in case of failure to do so will result in the cancellation of their admission. The students should bring the original academic certificates on admission day.
5. The students should be present in person on admission day. The students can be exempted from this condition under extraordinary circumstances.
6. The sections of classes are assigned to students at the time of admission and the students are NOT allowed to change their sections.
7. The students with O' level can submit a handwritten admission application according to the schedule of relevant Board.
8. The O' level students should submit an equivalence certificate issued by PBCC with the other relevant documents when applying for admission.
9. The admission will be merit-based. The students and their parents will be responsible for the consequences in case of using illegal means for admission.
10. The admission will be cancelled in case of clerical mistake.


1. According to the notification no. SO(CA)1- 28/2015 by the Higher Education Department Government of the Punjab, the students can be given age relaxation for up to 5 years. The Principal can allow above mentioned relaxation in age keeping in view the hardships faced by the student. The Director of Education Colleges can allow age relaxation for up to 8 years and the Director of Public Instructions Colleges can allow relaxation in age for upto 10 years.
2. The age relaxation cases will be sent to the Chairman of BISE for formal approval and registration after the verification of such cases from the College Council.
3. The students requesting age relaxation will submit an affidavit confirming that they did not secure admission in any other college during the gap.
4. The student should be 18 years old when applying for first year admission and should be 22 years old when applying for Associate Degree Program (2 Years) and BS4YD.


The migration from college of one city to another can be availed according to the notification no.SO(C)7-7-85 and the migration policy devised by the Government of the Punjab. In the light of this:
1. The students will not be allowed to apply for migration within the city.
2. The migration from another city can be applied only under the following conditions:
i. The availability of seat in the host college.
The student fulfils the merit conditions of the host college.
i. The subjects are in concordance with those offered at the host college.
The proof of residence change (documentary evidence of address change, transfer / retirement certificate of father) must be attached with the migration application.


1. According to the instructions communicated by the Director of Public Instructions Colleges Punjab, the students are expected to be regular in their classes. They should fulfill the condition of 75% attendance devised by BISE and Punjab University. In case of failure to fulfill this condition, the students' final examination admission will not be sent and they will not be allowed to sit in final examination consequently.
2. The admission for Board and University final examination of a student, who will not appear in the college internal examinations, will be stopped.
3. The admission for Board and University examination of a student, who will fail in 2 to 3 subjects in college's internal examination, will not be sent.
4. The name of a student who remains absent from college for 15 days without prior permission, will be struck off . The struck- off student will be allowed re-admission only once.


According to Punjab Education Code Article No.62:3
1. Half fee concession can only be granted to 10% students of total admitted strength of college. This relaxation is specified only for students of 1st shift (1stYearArts/ScienceRs300/- This concession will be given in tuition fee only.)
2. If two or more than two real sisters are studying in the same session, half concession will be granted to the younger sister/sisters intuition fee.
3. The concession in the dues of teachers' off springs /siblings will be granted according to the formulated policy of Punjab Government.
4. Applications for fee concession must be submitted to the college office along with monthly income certificate at the time of admission during the mentioned due dates. These applications must be duly signed by the father/guardian of the student. A verification certificate claiming that the student is well deserving for the applied fee-concession must be enclosed with the application.
5. The mentioned fee concession is basically granted only for one year on the basis of a specific condition that student's attendance record, progress report during exams and moral behavior will be satisfactory through out they year otherwise the granted fee concession could be with drawn next year.
6. The scholarships awarded by Government, Board, University as well as Army remain continued in the college.
7. The Government scholarships are awarded on the basis of privilege.
8. All applications regarding every kind of scholarship especially army scholarships are submitted through the proper channel of honorable Principal of the college.
Uniforms and course-books are provided to the deserving and needy students by utilizing the Red Crescent Fund of the college.


1. The students are permitted to avail subject-change policy with in the five(5)days from the formal commencement of classes. No subject will be changed after the mentioned duration (due date).
2. Applications must be submitted to “lncharge Subject-Change" for the change of subject.
3. Students are not allowed to attend the lecture of other (changed)subject without getting formal permission from subject change incharge, for change of subject.


To maintain exemplary discipline in the college premises, students need to observe following directions:
1. Students must maintain discipline in the class-rooms and playgrounds.
2. Students must adopt decent and civilized behavior in side and out side the college premises. Moreover, they should observe good moral values every where.
3. Students must observe complete silence and adopt serious attitude for maintaining the decorum of class rooms and serene environment of college corridors and courtyard.
4. Students will be heavily fined for dragging and displacing the furniture from the classrooms. Fine will also be charged to the students who were found writing or drawing anything on college walls and furniture.
5. Students who are found involved in the malpractice of spread in glitter every where, dispersing canteen utensils; plates, empty bottles, empty juice cans and throwing wrappers on the ground would be heavily fined on the spot.
6. Fee must be paid on due date.
7. The library books must be returned timely. In case of non-compliance, repercussion will be fine and non issuance of Roll No. slip.
8. Classes must be attended regularly. In case of less attendance, as per rules the admission will not be entertained.
9. Students must be habitual to read notice boards on daily basis for having thorough awareness.
10. As per rules of the Government of the Punjab it is strictly forbidden to bring Mobile in college premises. Incase of un-abiding the rule, fine will be minimum Rs.1000/-
11. Students must not use illegal means during exams.
12. The students of Science Department and Home Economics Department must use over-all coats during practicals.
13. The students of science must hand over the lab apparatus to the lab attendant before leaving the laboratory. Incase of mishandling of apparatus, the actual cost of the used apparatus will be fined.
14. The students must not damage the plants and flower-pots.
15. Students are not allowed to go outside college premises during college timings. Besides they can not visit or meet any one with out Principal's permission. However, the permission will be granted based on circumstances and the visitor (parents/guardian) will have to bring his/her ID card.
16. Students' stay after college timings must not be more than 15 minutes. The administration will not be responsible after 15 minutes.
17. College council and all faculty members have full authority to penalize those students who do not abide by the college laws.
18. The students will be fined for displaying and pasting stickers either on their uniforms or on the walls of the college.
19. It is mandatory for the students not to get involved and urge others in any kind of ill activity, boycott, strike and protestations. Principal is the sole-authority of the college. She is authorized to fine, punish and expel out any student who do not maintain discipline or go against college rules.


The college possesses a library comprised of valuable books. To benefit themselves from it, the students have to exercise following rules:
1. Students can get the books issued for 7days maximum.
2. Incase of exceeding the return date, a fine of Rs. 5/-per day will be charged.
3. In case of marking or damaging any book,Rs.5/- per-mistake will be fined. To avoid this, students must have a prior thorough lookin to the book be fore taking it out of library.
4. A book issued with the name of one student, can not be transferred to other student.
5. Reference books and magazines will not be issued.
6. Incase of loosing an issued book or set of books, the student have to provide I purchase it for compensation with in due date of submission. A submission after a due date, will be charged with the above mentioned fine.
7. With the ending of every term, the books must be returned with in due date.
8. The students of every year(1st,2nd,3rdand4thyear) can withdraw books only in their assigned days.
Other than assigned days students will not be allowed either to withdraw a book or to sit in the library.


1. The fee is submitted according to the schedule devised by the BISE and Punjab University.
2. The Board / University / Government rules are applicable on fee, funds and other payments.
3. If a student is able to secure admission but fails to pay the fee and other dues with in the allocated time, the admission will be cancelled and the seat will be secured by the next student in the merit list.
Note: The details of fee and funds are given on the last page of this prospectus.
The details of fine rules related to the College and its related affairs according to the policy is sued by the Director Public Instruction Colleges are as follows:

• Without permission absence from class Rs.1 /- per-period
• Absence for whole day Rs.5/-
• Absence for 15 days without prior permission Name struck off
• Absence from college examination Rs.200/-per subject
• Irregularity/Violation of college rules Rs.200/-toRs.1000/-
• Without uniform (colored clothes) Rs.150/-
• Incomplete uniform Rs.100/-
• Carrying electronic devices Rs.1000/-
Note: The items confiscated by the college administration will be returned only at the formal request of parents. The students' mothers preferably will be allowed to visit college in such cases.


According to Punjab academic calendar issued by Director Public Institutions, Lahore, Punjab, four(4) internal exams other than the monthly tests will be conducted during the academic session of two years.


1. Students' attendance is mandatory in every monthly test.
2. All there source persons will keep and maintain the subjects' attendance record of all the monthly tests and home internal exams during the whole academic session. The marks of all them onthly tests will be entered in the result register.
3. It is mandatory for all students not only to appear in all monthly tests, mid-term exams, January Test(sendups)and Pre-Board exams and exams of BS4YD (Four Semesters)but also to pass them successfully.
4. A fine of Rs200/-per subject will be charged incase of absence from monthly tests and exams.
5. The student who has submitted medical certificate to the controller of examinations on account of illness and unable to take the examination will have to appear in the exams afterwards. Absence in exams will be considered as sheer failure. A fine of Rs 200/-per subject will be charged in case of absence from exams. The medical certificate must be provided and submitted during the commencement of exams. The medical certificate must be issued ,stamped and duly signed by the Medical Officer(MO) of a government hospital.
6. The admission of the students securing “F" grade (will be with drawn) will not be forwarded to the university for final exams.
7. The final exams of Intermediate will be conducted by BISE, Lahore and Associate Degree and BS4YD final examinations will be conducted by University of the Punjab. Only those students will be promoted to 4th year, who will appear in the Part I (3rdYear) exams conducted by the University. Other wise they will surely be considered fail.
The College Council has full authority to take a strict action against any student who is found and caught red-handed while using unfair means in the exams and the final decision taken by the council cannot be challenged in any court of law.


1. Application for leave must be addressed to the Principal.
2. It must be signed by either father or guardian.
3. In normal circumstances, there must be a prior sanction of the application for leave. However, during some crisis, the application can be applied and sanctioned right after joining the college.
4. During some sudden and serious happening, the application will be sanctioned by the Principal for maximum 10 days.
5. In case of sickness, an application applied for more than 4 days, must be annexed with the proof of medical certificate.
6. A student who stays absent for consecutive 15 days from college, will be struck off. The opportunity for re-admission can be availed only once in academic year.
7. Any student who does not come to college and attend classes after securing admission in the college, her admission for university exams will not be sent.
8. If any student suffers from any contagious disease, she has to ensure her complete recovery by providing health certificate from a certified doctor, otherwise she will not be allowed to enter college premises.


1. It is compulsory for the students to wear a cotton Shalwar Qameez and cotton white dopatta. No georgette or chiffon material is allowed. Moreover, no trouser is allowed.
2. Only the Students of BS4YD will wear White cotton dupatta with a seam of black and white strips.
3. It must be black shoes without heels .No open shoes, slippers, softy and sandals are allowed.
4. Only socks of black, white and skin colors are allowed.
5. Any girl with improper uniform will be fined.
6. In winter only black color in jacket, shawl, coat and sweater is allowed.
7. No make-up is allowed.
8. Jewllery will be confiscated.
9. Students are strictly for bidden to wear a bayas in college premises.


1. College Identity Card will be provided to the students after admission.
2. It is a compulsion for all the students to display their ID cards around their neck during college timings. In case of non-compliance, the students will be fined.
3. Incase of losing card, student must re-apply for the card. There-application fine is Rs 50/-


A student can leave college within any time of academic year with willingness of her parents/guardian. In this regard following rules are applied:
1. A written application with the repealing of registration must be addressed to the Principal be for leaving the college.
2. The college leaving application must be dulysigned by father I guardian.
3. It is compulsory for a student who has applied for leaving college, to pay her dues and abide by the rules of college until she is officially discharged from college.
4. If a student of first year leaves college, she will only get library security.
5. The students of first year, can receive their library security from 16th March till 31st April after showing their college ID-card.